Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where should I find the answers??

You want to make this Rakhi special for your sister. So, you decide to buy a brand new IPod. It costs you good enough out of your hard earned savings but still, nothing in front of the happiness of your sister. As usual you take the last bus to your home. In the mid of your journey, you decide to open the IPod and fill it with some songs so that you can test it. It plays the sample music beautifully, Awesome...you imagine the kind of smile your sister would have after having it. Then you drop some more songs out of your laptop into the IPod. Waah Waah.....Kya Baat hai. This is probably the best sound you have ever heard. No... Wait...Wait...There seems to be something wrong with voice of singer. You can hardly hear what the guy is singing, but the music seems to be good. What the heck happened to the singer. You shuffle a couple of more songs... Why is there only guitar playing in "Give me some sunshine, Give me some rain". Ohh God, its not working, you imagine the kind of disappointment on the face your sister. It blows your mind and the most scary cycle begins.... Why he does this with you always? Why every-time its you?  Why there is never a good girl when you take a volvo after paying almost three times of the ordinary. Why do you suffer with the non AC and never ending vomiting by aunties. Despite of the 101%, Why someone else takes only an hour for the work you have done in six hours. Why the heck on this earth only your weight doesn't change with amount of food you intake. Why....? Why the girl you love decides to get married once you finally get the chance to speak to her. Kyun...?? Har baar Tum hi kyun.... ??? Why people take money from you to give it on debt to others. Why do they think you wont be asking for your money ever? Why your script always ends as a tragedy??
The cycle doesn't want to break, same questions appearing again and again. You are almost stuck in this cycle when the driver of the bus switches on the light. Why is this earphone pin only kissing the IPod jack. You give it a small push, it goes inside completely. You switches on the IPod again. The sample music plays beautifully again but this time you can also hear "Give me some sunshine". Its working perfectly all-right. The singer is back. You have a smile on your face. You have an answer to at-least one of your stupid queries. You try to thank the buddy, May be there are similar answers to other stupid questions also.


  1. EMPATHY is the word that knocks in to my head as I read it! Deja Vu was the one to follow!

    Remember that Life - I/Life - II thing .. doesn't tht in abstract way try to answer these questions, or at least alleviate their burning sensation each time they recur?

  2. ROFL
    "Why the girl you love decides to get married once you finally get the chance to speak to her. Kyun...?? "
    Still ROFLMAO

    Made my night with the best witty line of 24th August.