Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where should I find the answers??

You want to make this Rakhi special for your sister. So, you decide to buy a brand new IPod. It costs you good enough out of your hard earned savings but still, nothing in front of the happiness of your sister. As usual you take the last bus to your home. In the mid of your journey, you decide to open the IPod and fill it with some songs so that you can test it. It plays the sample music beautifully, Awesome...you imagine the kind of smile your sister would have after having it. Then you drop some more songs out of your laptop into the IPod. Waah Waah.....Kya Baat hai. This is probably the best sound you have ever heard. No... Wait...Wait...There seems to be something wrong with voice of singer. You can hardly hear what the guy is singing, but the music seems to be good. What the heck happened to the singer. You shuffle a couple of more songs... Why is there only guitar playing in "Give me some sunshine, Give me some rain". Ohh God, its not working, you imagine the kind of disappointment on the face your sister. It blows your mind and the most scary cycle begins.... Why he does this with you always? Why every-time its you?  Why there is never a good girl when you take a volvo after paying almost three times of the ordinary. Why do you suffer with the non AC and never ending vomiting by aunties. Despite of the 101%, Why someone else takes only an hour for the work you have done in six hours. Why the heck on this earth only your weight doesn't change with amount of food you intake. Why....? Why the girl you love decides to get married once you finally get the chance to speak to her. Kyun...?? Har baar Tum hi kyun.... ??? Why people take money from you to give it on debt to others. Why do they think you wont be asking for your money ever? Why your script always ends as a tragedy??
The cycle doesn't want to break, same questions appearing again and again. You are almost stuck in this cycle when the driver of the bus switches on the light. Why is this earphone pin only kissing the IPod jack. You give it a small push, it goes inside completely. You switches on the IPod again. The sample music plays beautifully again but this time you can also hear "Give me some sunshine". Its working perfectly all-right. The singer is back. You have a smile on your face. You have an answer to at-least one of your stupid queries. You try to thank the buddy, May be there are similar answers to other stupid questions also.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Grihshobha connecting people

Haryana Roadways from Chandigarh to Delhi is the best shuttle you can have for the route. Buy it on speed, fare or the entertainment, Its a complete package. Three hours from Chandigarh there is a famous stoppage called panchranga aachaar villa. So, this bus which I had taken was no exception and it continued to pay homage to this stoppage by giving a break. People who have been on this route during their low budget rides in college and who have enjoyed this extra-ordinary service of Haryana Roadways, they must have had felt the strong fragrances around the corner. I was already feeling thankful to the God for the the luxury of cushions that this bus was providing to me, So I decided not to get down. And, soon I felt happy for the decision when I saw a completely new uncle taking the seat of another Haryanvi hunk who was down for a location "Dekho BEEEEEP susu kar raha hai". I am not sure about the age of this uncle but he was surely trying to look young and gigantic. I could only see a new copy of grihshobha in his hands and and the white roots of his beard trying to strip his nights with godrej black hair dye. Ten minutes later the bus started for the last stop and the haryanvi hunk also got up the shuttle. The relief of loosing some pascals was clear on his face. He was looking more happy than ever in last three hours. But, then struck the electricity as if someone had taken away the earth below his feet. His first reaction was on me. He asked, "Haan bhai je to meri seat thi naa.. ". I simply smiled at him though really gaining some pascals inside but still managed to direct my finger toward his seat. With my seat he was a bit confused so kind of on the backfoot he was a bit calm also, but by looking at that godrej uncle he literally turned violent and the baak yudh started.
"Ke problem hai teri tau... kahin bhi baithega???".
Godrej uncle replied, "Are bhai Kahin aur baith jaa, khalli thi to baith gaya."
"Khaali to tau ustaad ki seat bhi thi tanne udher kyun naa baith gayo...?? Dimaag naa garm kar chup chaap uth le."
"Tu key kar lega jaa nahi uthta, kuch rakh ke jaata seat pe.."
"Daadaagiri kar reha hai... apni jaangh kaat ke rakhe jaata...paache ho le..."
"Je bag chak ke bahar fenku to samaj aayegi tere... "
It was turning really violent and the others in the bus had already started getting restless. They were quite close to the typical haryanvi slangs when a property dealer tried to settle down the matter.
"Are bhai dono hi baith jao.. Tau tu thoda aage ho jaa.. bhai share kar lo kya farq padta hai.."
I thought his next shot would be to ask for the one month rent from both.
"Je tu kar le share... tera mama laage kya???", Hunk replied.
Then a couple of other fellows helped the dealer and they finally sat together with their worst expressions on the face. The pain of loosing the seat was clear on the face of hunk. He was feeling cheated and believe me Haryanvis can't digest it easily. So, I was quite sure that this is not going to go for a long time. For the next one hour, it was a bloody battle of real estate mafia. Both tried to make as much seat as possible with the horrible glances at each other. But, then came the twist to the story. Godrej uncle started flipping through the food recipe pages of grihshobha. As ususal, the magazine was full of colors and pictures and he didn't take long to reach the uncensored pages of the magazine. Hunk was ignorant in the beginning but could not stop himself for a long time. For the first time, they both started looking around the same corners. Very soon they were lost in the magazine. They were on the same mission now. Everything which had happened an hour ago was a history now. The scene after an hour was quite interesting. Both were sharing their shoulders as a common bed and were sleeping together with their heads connecting. My last job was to tell them that delhi has come and they can regain their old looks for each other. First time in my life I had found the grihshobha doing good to the humanity so I couldn't stop myself to buy one copy for me. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Joining on 26th...

I had already received my "Linux for u" and "Electronics for u" for this month, so it was a bit exciting to hear from the postman again. Ok, may be GATE score card and u never know sometimes the hard-copy might look different. But, then two indian flags crossing each other...What were they doing on GATE score card? So, it was something else. Hainnn... CRPF. What the hell on this earth made CRPF to post letters on my address? Without making any further delay I turned on the first pass of assembler which actually returned an empty symbol table. I usually read the stuff only twice at maximum and if it doesn't make any sense after two readings, its better to stop. But, second pass simply blew my head away. It was almost an offer letter. I mean they just wanted to verify my certificates and an ordinary medical checkup for a post of Assistant commandant (technical). They wanted me to join 26th next month. Blood......First thing, When exactly I applied for CRPF and even if by mistake or I dont know... then what about the test and interview?
As usual whenever I ask my mind to pay back for all those almonds I have given it, it simply says no. But, then finally it reminded me about the letter I received a couple of days back from the ministry of HRD. It was something about employment opportunities in india and I think I ticked current status as unemployed and yes I did tick that choice of armed forces also. In that burning sun, nothing better could have explained all this. So, I simply said thanks to uncle and rushed towards my room.
And, there comes the second shot of the day. These guys from a company in delhi who were interviewing me for the last two months, They had finally decided to stop their interviews now and their offer letter mail was hanging in the inbox. They wanted me to work on the same torture, I left an year ago. Blood.... now after making through this interview I didn't want to join them. Should I commit the same mistake again? But, then they are offering so much yaar.... there is no comparison with what CRPF has to offer. I mean for a button, two for loops, 3 mysql queries, 1600/day more than enough and on the other side after burning myself for the whole day only 600. No comparison at all. Yup... But then, I'll work for my country which I always wanted to do. What's there in cooking these websites for the schools and restaurants of Americans. Yaaaa, but then how can I spend my whole life wearing this pale khaki dress, I mean you never know which state...forget state..which forest I'll be wasting my youth. On the other side, nothing great than babes of delhi with free metro, 5 day a week, Friday in PVR, Shopping in malls of rajouri. But, Who is gonna remember once you die after making these websites for the whole life and on the other side look for the honor you are going to get after you sacrifice your life for the country. Blood.....sacrifice...death....So early, I haven't even seen a a match of IPL in stadium. What about my dreams of earning hell lot of money, what about finding a good gal for me, what about going to GOA and laying on the beach with a big hat on my tummy and guitar aside. Bhaad mein jaa php/mysql is much better. "Tu bhaad mein jaa," My sister replied and I finally came out of my scary dream. "leave me alone, at least while you are sleeping," she shouted on me. I was still recovering from the solid debate. She went back after giving me the glass of milk and I glanced at the paper trying to escape on the floor with the headline "Maoists kill 76 CRPF security men in Dantewada". I tried to recollect my head and thanked myself for not going with the offer of CRPF. Otherwise, Somebody from the gang of Maoist would have taken the responsibility of the attack and P Chidambaram would have been taking the responsibility for the loss of my life and yes BJP would have been showing the full support to the government on my death.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Something is missing yaar......

I think our friendship started much before we joined the school. Fight for the same cycle, same maggie fork and in fact fight for our papas to look same. But, Yes.. He was a bit better than me in studies and I never mind accepting that. He used to finish his homework before me and then he would help me to finish mine so that we can play together... Life was going easy and without any surprises. It was 10th standard when we faced the first shock. This was the first time we saw the bloody race of life. There was this prestigious Talent search examination on the calender. After the result came, as expected he got 355 and I got 210. But the most amazing part was that I was in the merit and he couldn't make it. He was surprised and more than that It was me who was shocked....But every moment of our childhood memories turned upside down when my papa showed me my "Brahma Astra". I don't know what happened but I almost forgot every bad moment of my bad scorecards. After that day I started loosing interest in homework even more. Two years later medical entrance came but this time I was not really nervous because lord arjuna was with me. As expected I made into the good college and he could not. Now it was only 5 yrs in college that I had to survive to prefix Dr to my name. Everything was as creepy as school but I still managed... I loved the respect you get for being in good medical college. I never faced any big problem. It was only a couple of freaks who used to talk against my blessings outside the mess which delayed my lunches. When he was having some tough time with Delhi police on jantar mantar, I was enjoying popcorn's in my hostel room. Degree finished.. and I joined a hospital in my own town.. .I am happy he also got a job in medicine company. Every second week he comes to my hospital to sell his medicines.. Most of the time I ask him to write medicines for my patients... I don't know why he looks so happy and I still feel confused why the hell every third medicine starts with the name paracetamol. Why, my hands tremble while giving injections to patients. Frankly speaking, I don't enjoy being a doctor. I think I wanted something else.Yes..I am proud to be called as backward and I am not lying because it has given me so much but I still feel something is missing. There is this strange feeling inside me that there was something really important which I have not been able to get with my Brahma Astra....

Special Thanks to GV for the keywords... http://prateebimb.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

learning vs innovation

I am sure most of you might have got the chance to build your resume someday in your life. It doesn't matter if you are from engineering background, medical or may be any other respected field, one sentence which is commonly used by all of us despite of our backgrounds and education is that "I am a good learner". Now, I don't have any serious issues with this sentence because I myself have used it many times in my resume also but most of the time by copying from the web or from resume of my friends. The problem is that instead of saying that I am good in learning, shouldn't we come up with a sentence like we are good in innovation. Why, we indians always try to learn the things rather than inventing what we need ourselves. I mean just take an example of Microsoft people sitting over there creates a new technology .net and then NIIT in india launches a nationwide course for that.  Why should I learn .net so that at the end of course I should know that Sun has launched java for me. The problem is not in the IT industry only. We lacks innovation almost everywhere. Why can't we try to come up with our own medicine for swine flu rather than waiting for US to come up with the therapy and then our so called lab technicians are going to learn about that to develop one in india. Why do we need to send our research papers to US to get an approval of anything if we come up with. If we have a problem in our own country, why can't we come up with a solution ourselves or at least respect the people who are trying. The question is to find out the meaning of education here. Is it learning new things only or we are just taught in a way to cram as much as possible to increase our chances of getting a good job. God knows, I m still confused.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Internet connection sharing on fedora core 10

Many times it happens that you are happily enjoying a broadband internet connection on your laptop and then suddenly your room-mate decides to bring a new machine for him also. So, now instead of buying one more internet connection, you can actually share the same connection by making one of your machine as a router.

I assume the machine which is connected to the internet has at least two network interfaces (e.g eth0, wlan0 etc). If the machine A has internet connection on eth0 then it can use wlan0 or may be another Ethernet interface ath0 to set up a network with machine B on the corresponding interface.

So, the steps for internet connection sharing are as follows:

Step 1: Set up a network between machine A and machine B.
Step 2: Flush the iptables rules in machine A.
Step 3: Set up IP forwarding in machine A.
Step 4: Set up the new nameserver in /etc/resolve.conf for machine B.
Step 5: Happily enjoy the connection on both machines.

This is how you can execute the above steps:

Step 1: Set up network between machine A and machine B.
I assume machine A is connected to the internet on Ethernet interface eth0 and the two machines are connected to each other through wireless interface wlan0.

So the network settings for the two connections would be something like this:

Machine A:
IP: Subnetmask: Gateway:
This can be different depending upon your connection. They will be set automatically if your service provider uses DHCP. Its just the gateway which is important for us.

Now, for network on wlan0 use the following settings on two machines:

Machine A:
IP: Subnetmask: Gateway:

Machine B:
IP: Subnetmask: Gateway:

Please keep in mind that, the default gateway for wlan0 on machine A is the default gateway on eth0 for machine A and default gateway for wlan0 on machine B is IP of machine A on wlan0.

Step 2: Flush the old iptable rules on machine A:
Type the following commands on your terminal to flush the existing firewall rules:
iptables -F
iptables -t nat -F
iptables -t mangle -F

Now to delete the chains containing above rules type following commands in terminal:
iptables -X
iptables -t nat -X
iptables -t mangle -X

Save and restart the iptables with the following commands:
service iptables save
service iptables restart

Step 3: Set up IP forwarding in machine A.
Set value of net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1 in /etc/sysctl.conf and save the file.

Set new forwarding rule in iptables by typing following command in terminal:
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE

Again save and restart the iptables by typing following command:
service iptables save
service iptables restart

Step 4: Setup the new nameserver in /etc/resolve.conf for machine B.

Open the /etc/resolve.conf in machine B and add following line:

Mind it, that the nameserver added is the default gateway for eth0 connection on machine A.

Step 5: Well, If all the above steps have executed successfully for you, then don't waste your time on step 5 :).