Friday, February 26, 2010

Something is missing yaar......

I think our friendship started much before we joined the school. Fight for the same cycle, same maggie fork and in fact fight for our papas to look same. But, Yes.. He was a bit better than me in studies and I never mind accepting that. He used to finish his homework before me and then he would help me to finish mine so that we can play together... Life was going easy and without any surprises. It was 10th standard when we faced the first shock. This was the first time we saw the bloody race of life. There was this prestigious Talent search examination on the calender. After the result came, as expected he got 355 and I got 210. But the most amazing part was that I was in the merit and he couldn't make it. He was surprised and more than that It was me who was shocked....But every moment of our childhood memories turned upside down when my papa showed me my "Brahma Astra". I don't know what happened but I almost forgot every bad moment of my bad scorecards. After that day I started loosing interest in homework even more. Two years later medical entrance came but this time I was not really nervous because lord arjuna was with me. As expected I made into the good college and he could not. Now it was only 5 yrs in college that I had to survive to prefix Dr to my name. Everything was as creepy as school but I still managed... I loved the respect you get for being in good medical college. I never faced any big problem. It was only a couple of freaks who used to talk against my blessings outside the mess which delayed my lunches. When he was having some tough time with Delhi police on jantar mantar, I was enjoying popcorn's in my hostel room. Degree finished.. and I joined a hospital in my own town.. .I am happy he also got a job in medicine company. Every second week he comes to my hospital to sell his medicines.. Most of the time I ask him to write medicines for my patients... I don't know why he looks so happy and I still feel confused why the hell every third medicine starts with the name paracetamol. Why, my hands tremble while giving injections to patients. Frankly speaking, I don't enjoy being a doctor. I think I wanted something else.Yes..I am proud to be called as backward and I am not lying because it has given me so much but I still feel something is missing. There is this strange feeling inside me that there was something really important which I have not been able to get with my Brahma Astra....

Special Thanks to GV for the keywords...


  1. Good one Vishal.....It was nostalgic in a way...i could relate to each and every sentence that you wrote...bramha astra was never meant to make you weak but this one surely is proving to be fallacious.This bramha astra is the most impotent one

  2. You know Vishal, I may be too dumb while reading it but I could get a hint of the point you're making only in the second last sentence! May be because, you've written it in first person, so the image it created (until you talked of the Medical entrance) was that of you talking about yourself that created the confusion.

    @Gaurav -- a very cryptic keyword indeed!

    And yes, very fine story telling. Enjoyed it throughout, and the moment I realized what it's pointing at, I felt like saluting the writer!! Excellent post. Loved it!

    (And now I realize, it won't have tasted this good had it not been written in first person!)

  3. Story is written very nicely and it keeps your eyes intact until you complete it.
    Nice to know about some of the things happening around and also got the answers to many of the questions wandering in my head.
    And moreover this is what happens when you try to compete with others, and not with your own self.
    The lessen one can take is to keep fighting and keep constantly pursuing your goals and raising them once you find yourself closer to them. Others might not relate to it, but certainly I can relate to it(Brahma Astra). I hate to call it so but nevertheless you have mentioned it anyways.

  4. nice one!!!

    @manali: bhai kaise question answer chale hain tere mind me...bata de bhai...:)

  5. @vishal Conclusion- kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahi milta kahin zami to kahin aasmaa nahi milta...