Friday, April 9, 2010

Joining on 26th...

I had already received my "Linux for u" and "Electronics for u" for this month, so it was a bit exciting to hear from the postman again. Ok, may be GATE score card and u never know sometimes the hard-copy might look different. But, then two indian flags crossing each other...What were they doing on GATE score card? So, it was something else. Hainnn... CRPF. What the hell on this earth made CRPF to post letters on my address? Without making any further delay I turned on the first pass of assembler which actually returned an empty symbol table. I usually read the stuff only twice at maximum and if it doesn't make any sense after two readings, its better to stop. But, second pass simply blew my head away. It was almost an offer letter. I mean they just wanted to verify my certificates and an ordinary medical checkup for a post of Assistant commandant (technical). They wanted me to join 26th next month. Blood......First thing, When exactly I applied for CRPF and even if by mistake or I dont know... then what about the test and interview?
As usual whenever I ask my mind to pay back for all those almonds I have given it, it simply says no. But, then finally it reminded me about the letter I received a couple of days back from the ministry of HRD. It was something about employment opportunities in india and I think I ticked current status as unemployed and yes I did tick that choice of armed forces also. In that burning sun, nothing better could have explained all this. So, I simply said thanks to uncle and rushed towards my room.
And, there comes the second shot of the day. These guys from a company in delhi who were interviewing me for the last two months, They had finally decided to stop their interviews now and their offer letter mail was hanging in the inbox. They wanted me to work on the same torture, I left an year ago. Blood.... now after making through this interview I didn't want to join them. Should I commit the same mistake again? But, then they are offering so much yaar.... there is no comparison with what CRPF has to offer. I mean for a button, two for loops, 3 mysql queries, 1600/day more than enough and on the other side after burning myself for the whole day only 600. No comparison at all. Yup... But then, I'll work for my country which I always wanted to do. What's there in cooking these websites for the schools and restaurants of Americans. Yaaaa, but then how can I spend my whole life wearing this pale khaki dress, I mean you never know which state...forget state..which forest I'll be wasting my youth. On the other side, nothing great than babes of delhi with free metro, 5 day a week, Friday in PVR, Shopping in malls of rajouri. But, Who is gonna remember once you die after making these websites for the whole life and on the other side look for the honor you are going to get after you sacrifice your life for the country. Blood.....sacrifice...death....So early, I haven't even seen a a match of IPL in stadium. What about my dreams of earning hell lot of money, what about finding a good gal for me, what about going to GOA and laying on the beach with a big hat on my tummy and guitar aside. Bhaad mein jaa php/mysql is much better. "Tu bhaad mein jaa," My sister replied and I finally came out of my scary dream. "leave me alone, at least while you are sleeping," she shouted on me. I was still recovering from the solid debate. She went back after giving me the glass of milk and I glanced at the paper trying to escape on the floor with the headline "Maoists kill 76 CRPF security men in Dantewada". I tried to recollect my head and thanked myself for not going with the offer of CRPF. Otherwise, Somebody from the gang of Maoist would have taken the responsibility of the attack and P Chidambaram would have been taking the responsibility for the loss of my life and yes BJP would have been showing the full support to the government on my death.


  1. the dream, the reality, the right, the duty, the love, the fear, the apathy, the compassion

  2. @Rookie Haan bawa thoda jyada ho gaya... thnx for the comment..:)

  3. !!!!!!!!!

    It was scary!

    I was told that there's something new here and I just put the document I was preparing on hold for 5 mins to get a read, and so won't let it cloud my mind, but once again, terrific piece of writing!

    You're quick on the road to perfecting the art of packaging your thought in such a way that it instantly hijacks your readers' minds.

    Bloody ... brilliant!

  4. Brilliantly written.
    Untill I reached the last few lines, I felt it surreal. Everything is written so neatly and is so practical, anyone could relate to it easily.
    An amazing peace of work, a great combo of emotion and drama.
    (I was about to call you again.. but then I finished reading it.. You know me:) )
    Keep it up.