Monday, July 19, 2010

Grihshobha connecting people

Haryana Roadways from Chandigarh to Delhi is the best shuttle you can have for the route. Buy it on speed, fare or the entertainment, Its a complete package. Three hours from Chandigarh there is a famous stoppage called panchranga aachaar villa. So, this bus which I had taken was no exception and it continued to pay homage to this stoppage by giving a break. People who have been on this route during their low budget rides in college and who have enjoyed this extra-ordinary service of Haryana Roadways, they must have had felt the strong fragrances around the corner. I was already feeling thankful to the God for the the luxury of cushions that this bus was providing to me, So I decided not to get down. And, soon I felt happy for the decision when I saw a completely new uncle taking the seat of another Haryanvi hunk who was down for a location "Dekho BEEEEEP susu kar raha hai". I am not sure about the age of this uncle but he was surely trying to look young and gigantic. I could only see a new copy of grihshobha in his hands and and the white roots of his beard trying to strip his nights with godrej black hair dye. Ten minutes later the bus started for the last stop and the haryanvi hunk also got up the shuttle. The relief of loosing some pascals was clear on his face. He was looking more happy than ever in last three hours. But, then struck the electricity as if someone had taken away the earth below his feet. His first reaction was on me. He asked, "Haan bhai je to meri seat thi naa.. ". I simply smiled at him though really gaining some pascals inside but still managed to direct my finger toward his seat. With my seat he was a bit confused so kind of on the backfoot he was a bit calm also, but by looking at that godrej uncle he literally turned violent and the baak yudh started.
"Ke problem hai teri tau... kahin bhi baithega???".
Godrej uncle replied, "Are bhai Kahin aur baith jaa, khalli thi to baith gaya."
"Khaali to tau ustaad ki seat bhi thi tanne udher kyun naa baith gayo...?? Dimaag naa garm kar chup chaap uth le."
"Tu key kar lega jaa nahi uthta, kuch rakh ke jaata seat pe.."
"Daadaagiri kar reha hai... apni jaangh kaat ke rakhe jaata...paache ho le..."
"Je bag chak ke bahar fenku to samaj aayegi tere... "
It was turning really violent and the others in the bus had already started getting restless. They were quite close to the typical haryanvi slangs when a property dealer tried to settle down the matter.
"Are bhai dono hi baith jao.. Tau tu thoda aage ho jaa.. bhai share kar lo kya farq padta hai.."
I thought his next shot would be to ask for the one month rent from both.
"Je tu kar le share... tera mama laage kya???", Hunk replied.
Then a couple of other fellows helped the dealer and they finally sat together with their worst expressions on the face. The pain of loosing the seat was clear on the face of hunk. He was feeling cheated and believe me Haryanvis can't digest it easily. So, I was quite sure that this is not going to go for a long time. For the next one hour, it was a bloody battle of real estate mafia. Both tried to make as much seat as possible with the horrible glances at each other. But, then came the twist to the story. Godrej uncle started flipping through the food recipe pages of grihshobha. As ususal, the magazine was full of colors and pictures and he didn't take long to reach the uncensored pages of the magazine. Hunk was ignorant in the beginning but could not stop himself for a long time. For the first time, they both started looking around the same corners. Very soon they were lost in the magazine. They were on the same mission now. Everything which had happened an hour ago was a history now. The scene after an hour was quite interesting. Both were sharing their shoulders as a common bed and were sleeping together with their heads connecting. My last job was to tell them that delhi has come and they can regain their old looks for each other. First time in my life I had found the grihshobha doing good to the humanity so I couldn't stop myself to buy one copy for me. :)


  1. I don't know what took you so long to republish this story. :)

  2. @rookie I was just waiting for my copyright issues to fix. :P

  3. Thanks for republishing .. (on public demand) :P

    Good entertaining entry :) as entertaining the experience would have been!

  4. Tu haryanvi itni achhi likhe, ae to manne na pata tha..( Probably a lot of encounter's with Balbeer Bhai helped you)
    Good post though.. But initially I thought its about panchranga achaar.. I still curse it... bought 1KG from the same place which turned out to be stale.

    So the one that you bought had the content you were looking for?? and any luck post that??